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Quantum-Touch Workshop Level 1
May 21,23 and 25
Both Online and In-Person

“Love is a universal vibration; it communicates to all species, functions on all levels and expresses our true nature. “

                                                                                 ~Richard Gordon

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Quantum-Touch Level 1 shows you how to access and amplify Life Force Energy, a universal vibration of love and well-being. Life force energy can be used to facilitate self-healing, boost vitality, and inspire a deep sense of well-being. 


This workshop is a transformative workshop that offers an effective and natural way to dive deep into the art of hands-on healing using intention and breath.

Whether you're seeking personal growth, a way to complement existing healing practices, or simply curious about energy work, something invaluable awaits you here.

In summary, you will learn:

  • Breathing and body awareness exercises amplify the life-force energy. This is the core technique used in Quantum-Touch.

  • Reduce back pain and inflammation quickly and efficiently.

  • Observe bones automatically adjusting themselves with a surprisingly light touch.

  • Learn how to use distant healing to help those you love from miles away.

  • Resonance factors: Amplify the power of your sessions by working with chakras, toning, and vortexing the life-force energy.

  • Learn distance healing

The techniques taught in Quantum Touch Workshop are invaluable and powerful. With practice, you will realize the magnitude of their power and how they will increase your ability to transfer Life-Force energy in your healing sessions. It will supercharge the effectiveness of all other hands-on techniques you may be presently using.


This workshop is more than just learning; it's about improving your health and happiness and opening the door to a healthier future for yourself and others.

Quantum-Touch Level 1 Workshop with Nathalie, Certified Quantum-Touch® Instructor

Quantum-Touch Level 1


Next  workshop dates coming soon

Prepaid in full 21 days prior to the workshop is $380.00 

Please email me if you have missed the 21-day deadline

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Registration within 21 days of the workshop is $460.00

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Repeat Student  $230.00. Please email certificate

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Remote session

30 min.  $90

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In-person session

60 min. $125.00

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Or visit Quantum-Touch's Official Website:

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