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Healing Across Generations:
A Healing Retreat for You and Your Ancestors

Transformational Breathwork retreat for personal and ancestral healing



October 21, 2023. 10:00 - 4:00

Yoga Barn Spa & Studio
1583 Old Second Rd N Hillsdale,  ON L0L 1V0

Join us for a life-changing Breathwork experience! 

Healing Starts with You But Doesn't End There - What's Holding You Back Isn't Just About You!

For years, you've asked, "Why can't I be happy? Why do I feel so stuck?" 


What if I told you that the answer might not be entirely about you? 

Sometimes, the burdens of our ancestors continue to weigh us down—emotionally, spiritually, and even physically in this lifetime.


It's time to stop asking what's wrong with me and start asking what happened to us.


This one-day retreat is designed to release long-held belief systems and traumas and to answer your ancestors' calling for healing.


Morning: A Deep Dive into Your Emotions

The morning session is dedicated to your healing. We'll explore the power of holotropic breathwork to access hidden emotions, traumas and limiting beliefs. 


A guided multidimensional journey will open the doors to parts of you that usually can't be accessed with your conscious mind. Using your breath as the vehicle to unlock the doors where hidden emotions reside and allowing you to release what no longer serves you. 


Lunch and Mindfulness Walk:


After the morning's deep work, we'll break for lunch and go on a mindfulness walk to absorb and integrate the experiences.

Afternoon: Ancestral Healing - A Journey Beyond Time

The focus shifts in the afternoon to an impactful Ancestral Healing session. This journey aims to sever your ties to generational pain and traumas. The goal? To liberate both you and your ancestors from the chains of past sorrows passed down through generations.


Here's What You Can Expect:


🧠 State:  We don't just stop at breathwork. Get ready to activate transient hypofrontality, where your conscious mind takes a backseat, allowing unfiltered access to your subconscious. Our multi-layered soundscape journeys elevate your experience, transporting you into a euphoric state of unparalleled peace and connectedness through the layers of your consciousness. 


❤️ Release: Our morning journey is all about releasing your own emotional baggage, traumas, and negative belief systems. Powerful journey for letting go of deep-rooted emotions that are known and unknown to you. This journey is all about you and freeing you from the pain you've been carrying around for decades.


🌳 Ancestral Liberation: The afternoon is set to break the chains with your ancestors. Free yourself and generations before you from cycles of pain and limitation.  This is a sacred journey like no other.

Your ancestors have been waiting for you to heal their trauma and for you to set them free. This is your chance to answer their callings.

Why This Experience Is Different

This retreat is more than a day in your life—it's an opportunity for a significant shift. It promises momentary release and a long-lasting impact that could shape your future and future generations. Liberating old stuck energies and welcoming a renewed sense of vitality. The result? A lighter, happier you, reconnected with long-forgotten parts of yourself. Perhaps being able to feel love for yourself and others for the first time...This is where transformation becomes possible! Freedom to embrace the next chapter of your life with a renewed spirit.


Who Is This For?

New to breathwork? No worries! We will guide you through the techniques, basics and beyond.


This retreat is perfect for anyone looking to:

  • Deepen their self-awareness

  • Release long-held emotional blockages

  • Reclaim inner peace

  • Achieve a heightened state of creativity

  • Connect on a soulful level with like-minded individuals

Closing Ritual: Fire Ceremony 🔥

We'll end this incredible day around a ceremonial fire, sharing stories, reflections, and celebrations. Here, you can burn your written intentions, symbolically releasing them to the universe and sealing the day's transformative work.


Your Retreat Essentials

  • Eye Mask

  • Yoga Mat

  • A cozy blanket

  • Small pillow

  • Refillable Water Bottle

  • Dress in layers for a mindfulness nature walk


Reserve Your Sacred Space Now! 


Take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to unlock your full potential and heal yourself and your ancestors all in one day! Your ancestors are calling—are you ready to answer?


The above price includes all fees and a light vegetarian lunch!


Let's answer the call to heal and be healed, setting the stage for a life of profound freedom and unlimited potential.


We look forward to sharing this deeply transformative journey with you.


Space is limited to ensure the intimacy and quality of the experience. So why wait? Book Now!


For more information, please email us at:



Breathwork has been proven to be a very safe and effective practice with no known adverse reactions. The list below is put in place for your own safety and those around you.


If you suffer or have suffered from any serious health issues or the ones listed below, please consult your doctor before participating in an active breathing journey to avoid health risks:


  •  Cardiovascular problems

  •  Aneurysms

  •  Epileptic seizures/other seizures in the past

  •  Pregnancy - You cannot participate

  •  Recent surgery or upcoming surgery

  •  Glaucoma 

  •  Severe Mental illness:  symptoms and/or are taking strong psychiatric medications, suffering from psychosis or paranoia, bipolar and/or an untreated or inadequately supported mental illness.

  • Asthma, bring your inhaler.

Please update the breath coach if you have any unusual health condition that does not appear in the above list. You may need to consult a doctor before participating in a breathing session that activates the sympathetic nervous system.


Cancellation policy: No refund after October 5th due to limited space. If cancellation is through a ticket purchased through Eventbrite, the Eventbrite fees are non-refundable.

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