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9D Abundance Journey +

Manifestation Workshop

Ready to release the old programming that's been keeping you stuck and from manifesting your heart's desire?

You deserve a life that's exciting and abundant! It's time to claim what is rightfully yours. 

Ready to Discover Your Limitless Potential?
A Journey into Manifestation and Abundance

Is Abundance a Far-Off Dream or a Present Moment Reality?


We all dream of a life abundant in love, health, and prosperity, yet this seems like a far-off dream for many of us.


What keeps you from experiencing the richness you yearn for in life? Is it a lack of resources? Timing? Or is something much deeper lurking within your belief system, even unknown to you?


The quest for abundance often leaves us wrestling with external conditions. But what if the obstacle is not 'out there' but 'within'? The barriers that block our access to limitless potential may be hidden within our hearts and subconscious minds.


For those open to questioning and unlearning the limitations they've unknowingly set for themselves, our 3-hour interactive workshop aims to tap into that inner realm of limitless possibilities.

What You'll Experience:


Part 1. Accessing the Magic of the Heart: Your Gateway to Unlimited Potential

First and foremost, we'll dive into the often under-explored realm of the heart field. Learn how your heart is not just a biological pump but a profound source of wisdom and potential. We'll explore practical exercises to tune into this heart field as a source of unlimited potential.


Part 2. Discover your Intuitive Power: Listen to Your Inner Wisdom

Learn how to tap into your intuition once you have connected with your heart.  Through guided practice, you'll discover how to tune in and trust this invaluable source of wisdom. This vital skill will become your most trusted inner compass in your everyday life.


Part 3. The Abundance Journey: A Meditative Exploration of Limiting Beliefs

The last half of our workshop will be an immersive journey designed to shift your vibrational frequency and remove those stories of lack and scarcity toward that of abundance. You'll gain access to the hidden barriers of the mind and transcend the subconscious blockages, paving your path to manifesting health, wealth, and happiness. 


This is the secret to manifestation, a practice that has enabled me to manifest health and prosperity in many areas of my own life within days! 

Practical Information
  • Date:  February 10th,  2:00-5:00 pm

  • Duration: 3 hours

  • Location: Nook Yoga Studio Barrie

  • Interactive: Time will be allocated for questions throughout the workshop

  • Workshop Structure: The first 1:30 hour is where you will learn how to access the heart and practice with a partner. The latter half will be dedicated to your Immersive Abundance Journey.

Early Bird Special: Take advantage of our early bird special of $75.00 by Registering before January 24th! Limited Space available

A full registration fee of $99 will apply on January 25th.


Fun & Transformation: All you need is an open heart and a readiness for change.


Join us on this transformative journey and unlock your innate potential for manifesting the life you've always imagined. I look forward to exploring this infinite field of possibilities together!

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