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Hey There, Beautiful Souls,


Thank you for visiting our Special Events page. This dedicated space serves as an informational hub where you'll find all the magic we're cooking up for our online and in-person events.

From Energy Healing Workshops to comprehensive Breathwork Journeys, each is designed to provide you with valuable tools for self-improvement and inner peace.

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9D Journey
Nook Yoga Studio 
119 Dunlop Street East
Image by Aleksandra Sapozhnikova

Are You Ready to Let Go of the Past and Embrace a Brighter Future?

Join us on our most powerful 9D Breathwork journey designed to help you master the art of letting go. 


Experience a deeply immersive journey that can free you from past traumas, old belief systems, and emotional baggage weighing you down.


Most of us struggle with holding onto the past, carrying around resentments and self-doubt for years. These challenges are rooted deep within our minds, making them difficult to access or change.


Our Letting Go journey is for you if you're ready to go deep within and release. It can free you from emotional pain and open the door to a new life filled with happiness, self-confidence and a clear understanding of who you truly are.


You were born to be loved and happy, and this journey is your invitation to reclaim your power and reconnect with your authentic self.


Join us on January 6th to set the path for a brighter and joyous 2024! The past doesn't have to hold you back; a better future is just a breath away.

Space is limited!



Free Introduction Breathwork
Jan 10, 2024 1:00 -2:00 PM
Zoom Video Call

Introduction to Breathwork


Join me for this 1-hour introduction to breathwork, where we'll explore the many benefits of breathwork. Learn to use your breath for better health and state of mind. We will also discuss how to use your breath to relieve pain and release negative emotions quickly!

"Come be part of our free 1-hour Breathwork session on Zoom, where you'll learn the simple yet powerful controlled breathing techniques. This introductory session is designed to teach you how to use your breath to manage stress better, improve your stamina, and even relieve pain. Plus, we'll dive into effective ways to use your breath to let go of negative emotions.

"Consider setting aside just one hour from your busy life to discover something that could really make a difference: the power of conscious breathing. I was once, like many people, unaware of how impactful proper breathing can have such a dramatic impact on my state of mind and overall well-being. But since becoming a Breath Coach, my mission is clear—to share this valuable skill with as many people as possible. It's more than just inhaling and exhaling; it's a tool that can meaningfully improve multiple areas of your life."

Don't be shy! Reserve your spot today to take the first step toward a healthier and happier you!" 

Hope to see you there!

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Energy Boost mini-class
January 10, 2:30 -3:30 pm 

Want to give your energy a boost?

Do you need support in these challenging times?

Attend an Energy Boost mini-class as a wonderful introduction to Quantum-Touch, and learn some simple energy healing techniques to help yourself, your friends,  your family and your pets.


This two-hour mini-class is only a small sample of what a full Quantum-Touch Workshop can offer, but it’s a perfect way to introduce yourself to the world of energy healing and the infinite possibilities of Quantum-Touch.

Let's have fun and learn the basics of energy healing together over Zoom.

Reiki Therapy

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