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Package of 5
One-on-One Journey




5 x 90 Minutes


About This Experience

This Breathwork Package includes 5 One-on-One Journeys for those seeking a deep, transformative experience.

Each session is personalized, building on the previous one to help you evolve progressively toward your best self.

As you progress through the sessions, you'll gradually explore and unlock deep layers of self-awareness and healing.

Each journey concludes with an integration process, a critical step ensuring that your newly acquired transformations can effectively transition into your daily life.

We'll discuss a consistent practice of beneficial breathing exercises each week to support your well-being beyond the confines of the session.

This package is a passport to a safe space, allowing for profound emotional release. Together, we'll learn to weave the transformative shifts from each session into your daily life and nurture a lasting practice of therapeutic breathing exercises.

Choosing our Five-Session Package is more than a commitment, and it's an investment in lifelong personal growth.

If you are ready to let go of the past and embrace a new brighter future, this package is for you.
Together, we will navigate the waters of transformation with confidence. This journey is your ticket to lasting personal evolution, your gateway to unleashing the extraordinary potential of your ultimate self!

Seize it! I'll support you at each step.

Your Instructor


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